Helping us

There are many ways to help the Shelter. Here are just a few ideas:

Volunteer Program

We have our new volunteer programme set up!
So if you are a dog lover and want to help us and our furry friends, spend some quality time and enjoy Skiathos at the same time then please see the information below 🐶🐾 Volunteer Program here

Adopt a dog

There are always plenty of residents looking for good homes. Don’t even think about getting a puppy until you’ve checked with us. Adopting a dog is unbelievably rewarding for everyone involved.

If your friends are looking for a dog send them to us first. We may have a perfect match.

Raise money at home for the charities that support us

Many of our supporters do car boot sales, fun runs, walks and even a few Marathons to raise money for the charities that help support us.

Place Collection Boxes at home

Place leaflets and collection boxes in prominent postions.
(Always get permission from both the location and the charity though.)

Raise Awareness

Spread the word about the Shelter, this website and our Facebook page. Click the small “Like” buttons that appear all over the site and the Facebook page. This adds a link to you Facebook profile which your friends can see.

If you’re a writer, website owner or blogger consider doing a feature on us and we’ll mention it on our site.

Visit Us – Bring us things

Come to Skiathos, walk some dogs and put your spare cash in the collection box. Also, the Shelter is always in need of kitchen roll, cleaning products (no bleach though), cat food (wet and dry), dog meat and various other things.

Please contact us before bringing anything to the Shelter as we may have plenty of some things but be desperately short of others.

Please note – At the moment we have as much dry dog food as we can store.

Bring us your skills.

Perhaps you have skills that could be useful at the Shelter?

Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses, builders, carpenters and other building skills are always useful, (but please contact us to discuss what you can do before you pack your bags.)

But we’re also interested in photographers, film makers, artists and anyone who can do something a little bit special. Some of our recent ideas have been the prodution of a DVD, computer screensavers/wallpapers and Youtube videos.

We also have a stall at the shelter selling T-Shirts, keyrings, fridge magnets and a whole host of other things. If you’re keen on crafts why not make us some things to sell?

And don’t forget to tell you friends about the wonderful little dog shelter on a beautiful Greek Island that they really should visit 🙂

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