Contacting us

Facebook really is the best way to keep in touch, however if you need to contact us another way please use this form.

Finding Us

The Shelter is open 9am to 2pm daily.
Dog walking is from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

(Although the blue collection box by the gates is open 24/7)

Finding us by car.

On the main road between Skiathos Town and Koukounaries you will find the junction at Troulos. You really can’t miss the turn as it’s the largest junction on the main road. Simply turn inland and follow the road. As long as you keep climbing upwards you will find the signs for the Shelter.

Please make sure you park in the designated spot indicated by the Parking Area sign.

Finding us by Taxi.

That’s simple, all the Taxi drivers know where the Shelter is. But don’t forget to ask the driver to collect you later!

Finding us on foot.

If you’re fit and healthy and fancy a challenge why not walk up to the Shelter? Just get the bus to Troulos and follow the road inland. Be warned though, it can take an hour depending on your walking speed and there are no facilities at the shelter so bring plenty of water and attend to the “call of nature” before you leave 😉

Find us by GPS

Latitude: 39° 9’45.34″N
Longitude: 23°25’51.62″E

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